If you are considering home health care for yourself or a loved one, there may be questions you find yourself asking. Below are answers to the most common questions that are presented to us.

Q.   What exactly is home health care and how does it differ from home care?

A.   You may have heard different descriptions of home care. To simplify understanding, it is only necessary to remember that there are two categories. The general term, home care, describes the non-medical services provided to anyone that needs help in the functional needs of everyday living, such as: meals, grooming, and companionship.

    The term, home health care, is more extensive and describes the services provided by a licensed nursing and therapy staff. You, or your loved one, may need an existing or newly diagnosed medical condition or illness. Frequently, we work with an elderly or ailing parent. With the supervision of the primary care doctor, our team develops a personalized plan to maximize recovery. This plan may include nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and medical social work.

    We will implement this plan at whatever location a patient calls "home", including Assisted Living Facilities. In fact, many of our patients reside at such facilities and we make it a point to co-ordinate with the Administrators and staff of such facilities to ensure that the best medical care is being provided to the patients.

Q.    How is your home care agency different than other agencies?

A.    Unlike many other home health care providers, ARCHANGEL Home Care, LLC. provides an Angels Touch of Care for your loved ones and is not a franchise where you are paying for a company from out of your community and we hire local staff and you are not responsible for paying the caregivers taxes and insurance or workers comp taxes nor their social security taxes. If you hire an agency that claims to be less exspensive and wants you to pay your caregiver direct, you become liable for reporting the taxes and would be required by law to pay for all the caregivers wage taxes. That is something these other agencys do not explain clearly and could end up in an IRS collection process on you or your loved one. We at ArchAngel Home Care do not ask that you pay your caregiver direct and save you and your loved ones from the stress of a future claim by the IRS.

    In addition, the mission of ARCHANGEL Home Care, LLC. is to provide the best home health care in all of the GrandStrand. We pursue this goal by continually seeking counsel, reviewing research, searching for the highest level of education available, and monitoring/responding to feedback.

    We also test the psychological and emotional intelligence of our staff. We only allow the highest quality of professionals to join the ARCHANGEL Home Care, LLC. team. In this way, we know that any challenge presented to us will be handled in the best manner possible. Every member of our team must also comply to the following:

        Current Physical & TB Clearance

        Fingerprint Clearence please include if applicable

        Drug testing if applicable

        Recent First Aid & CPR Training

    We our proud of each and every team member, knowing we can trust the service and care level they provide.

Q.    What is the benefit to home care?

A.    According to research, nine out of ten seniors would rather keep living at home when illness strikes. This allows them to maintain their quality of living. Studies, also show, that patients heal better, faster, and more frequently at home than in a hospital, nursing home or other institution. Simply stated, patients want to stay at home and be cared for when illness or a serious medical condition strikes.

Q.    What does this care consist of?

A.    With the supervision of the primary care doctor, our dedicated team will develop a personalized plan to maximize recovery. The plan of care may include:

        Close monitoring of health conditions, including blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar, and oxygen levels.

        Family / patient / health teaching / counseling.

        Physical therapy: assistance with regaining muscle strength, balance, and walking.

        Speech therapy: assistance with language skills, swallowing, and memory problems.

        Occupational therapy: assistance with rehabilitation to restore bathing, cooking, and dressing skills .

        Social Workers: guidance with financial problems and crisis management.

        Dieticians: dietary plans for special dietary and nutritional counseling.

Q.    How do I access home health care services?

A.   The patient, a family member, or patient representative may directly contact any home health care agency to access service. Physicians, Case Managers, Discharge Planners, Social Workers, and Assisted Living Facility Administrators may also make recommendations about home health. For people discharged from a hospital, Federal law guarantees a person's right to choose the home care provider that he or she wants in their home. The hospital is required to provide a list of all the home care agencies in addition to any hospital sponsored or owned home care agency.

Q.   What is the cost of home care services?

A.    Nationally, the 2015 median hourly cost for services of a home health aide hired from a home care agency is $20. Home health aide services have risen, on average, one percent annually over the past five years. In South Carolina, the median hourly cost of home health aide services is $18. The median hourly cost for home health aide services in South Carolina have increased, on average, 1.6 percent annually over the past five years. Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Affairs and other commercial insurance providers allow coverage. We validate insurance work with anyone who is without insurance or with only partial coverage. We always ensure that proper home care is provided. Learn what financing options are appropriate for your needs:

    Medicare pays for long term care if you require skilled services or rehabilitative care such as in a nursing home (max 100 days) and at home if you are also receiving skilled home health or other skilled in-home services (provided for a short period of time). For more information please visit

    Medicaid covers a large share of long term care services but to qualify your income must be below a certain level and you must meet minimum state eligibility requirements and be in a Medicaid-approved facility. For more information please visit

    If you qualify, private payment options such as long term care insurance, linked benefits products or long term care riders on other insurance can help fill the gap between public assistance and the high cost of long term care services. For more information please visit

    Saving for long term care on your own can be difficult and take years to accumulate funds. To learn more information and see if self-funding will take care of your long term care needs please visit

Keep in mind that individual plans can combine several of these approaches.

Download the GENWORTH 2015 Cost of Care Survey for South Carolina.


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